Enterprise Content Management(ECM)

High Level Feature Requirement Items

Web Portal for Desktop

Working professionals are enabled with secure web access


Document Search & Email Content Search

Full Text Search:Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese or vice versa

Advance Search

Solution:Besides Content search DMS can also search files by File name,Publisher,Publish Date,Charger,Charge,Category,Tag .


Document Profile Search (Index Search)


Documents that have been indexed can also be searched via our Document Profile

Search by document profile results can be exported into Excel

Fields are dependent on the pre-set Document Profiled.

More details can be search of which information that might not be inside the content of the documents or the file itself is not a searchable document PDF / Soft Copy type (i.e. Movies, pictures, CAD drawings, etc)

Can also cross Document Profile search via the “Search By Document Property” of which different document profiles that might have the same field names such as “Invoice Number” which might be in Invoices, delivery note, and receipts.


Document Indexing and Profiling

We can set multiple documents index and profiles to your documents.

User Access Control to Folders&Files Permission

Folder Permissions

DMS is based on folder-based permissions

Groups / Users can have different Roles in each folders

Permissions can inherit from parent folders

File Permissions

Rename , Upload new version , Delete , Manage tags , Download

Modify Folder (Move files among folders)

Encrypted File Upload and Storage

Connection to DMS with HTTPS

File transport is encrypted based on SSL certificate settings

Files uploaded to DMS will be encrypted using 256 bits AES

Version Control


DMS Can keep versions of which of each document which there is no worries of  any documents that could be overwritten by other users.

Versioning (Version Comparison)


Besides versioning, we have  a version comparison feature  that users can see both  version side by side to see the difference

For example: Comparing 2 different signature cards

Versioning (Version Comparison)


Versioning (Remarks on changes)


Versioning (Advance Version Comparison


For documents that may be  complicated length, our cloud based optional advance version comparison can highlight and point out the 2 different  comparing documents to see  what are the difference  between them –

Excellent for checking  differences between  contract and agreements!


Audit Trail Tracking

Audit Trails – File Audit Trails

DMS have both Audit Trials for:

Each individual files

The System

DMS have both Audit Trials for:

Each individual files

The System

Drag and Drop Filing

Drag and Drop to Folder


Files and Folders can be easily drag and drop into any white space within folder

Document Linkage

Link related documents


a. Quotation link with the relevant invoice and PO

b. Meeting minutes link with supplementary attachments

Document Retention Period

Scanned hardcopy / PDF

Select the document expiry date.

The expired documents will be automatically archive to predefined folder.

Scan to Folder Email Archiving

Ricoh MFP Integration

Through the Ricoh Smart Operation Panel (SOP), users can scan and file the document into DMS directly.

Not only limited to Ricoh Copiers!

Other copiers and Scanners can scan into DMS via Hot Folder Methods!

Windows Explorer

Map as Web Folder (E.g. Z: Drive)

Mass upload / download of folders including subfolders and documents

Drag and drop documents from Desktop to Web or Vice Versa

WebDAV support for document retrieval

Desktop Scanners can save files here.

Email Filing


 File all emails by client and case number in  Subject automatically

 Allow to transfer case for other colleague to  follow up easily

 Drag and drop emails to file with attachments directly

 Captures email attributes automatically like To, From, Subject, Date and Attachment Names.

Monitor email address to file incoming and outgoing email automatically

Document Period

Document Retention Period Setting

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