eForm and Workflow Management System for Web and Mobile

Digital Workplaces

It involves 3 elements which are document management, workflow management and mobile office. Let talk about document management first that can provide document history, document versioning, document approvals and document permissions. And, workflow management have a lot of function provide to customers that are form design, workflow design, approval tracking  and analysis, filing management and hundreds of form samples. Final one, it is mobile office which is related to mobile and provide these functions that are mobile collaboration, mobile E-signing and approvals and mobile document retrieval. 

The problem that the system encountered in the past was the long approval process, which involved many steps and took a long time to get approval. It is too fragmented and partially automated processes which affect the changing market since it is slow response. The first step is filling forms, photocopying & filing, the second step is checking records, approving, photocopying & filing, and the third step is notifying, updating HR system, photocopying & filing. It takes at least a month, and now BPM can do it. solve this problem.

After BPM improve the workflow application which can complete end-to end process automation, fast response to rapid changing market and shorten the process to 1 to 2 days. 

Common Application Areas

Workflow management components

eFrom Designer

An Excel file created using Microsoft Excel where all formatting has been applied and the content can be determined at design time. It's more like a template file that doesn't contain any data but only formatting

Process Designer

Use newer technology. You can create responsive interfaces using client human services and responsive coaches. When you can use client human services in BPD, the process is simpler and you don't have to switch between web and desktop editors

Workflow Engine

Provide core solutions that determine information delivery routing, content levels, etc. based on different roles, division of labor, and conditions, which are decisive for each application system.

Organization Chart Designer

Used to lay out relationships in your organization and ensure everyone knows how to communicate important information

Web Client

Implementation of client based on HTTP protocol, which provides basic functions for communication between device and HTTP Server


This account will only be automatically generated when the operating system is installed.


 Platform-specific build toolsets, such as detection tools, compilers, and libraries

eForm Designer

Provide Drag-and-drop eForm and workflow Designer which is over 40 e-form controls

Support advanced components and have e-signature

Multilingual Support in the same form

Process Designer and Workflow Engine

Organization Chart Designer

Integrate with HR system and LDAP

Supports single sign-on for authentication

Web+Mobile eForm

Web Base administrator

                                                                    Workflow statistics and time analysis

                                                                                            Web base reporting

                                                                Department / Personal workflow metric

Application for HR and Admin

  For E-Form & Workflow for Leave Application

   Recruitment Approval

Application for Finance Department

   E-Form & Workflow for Travel Expenses Claim


   E-Form & Workflow for Purchase Order

Application for supplies Department

Asset purchase

Vendor registration form

Purchase request

Purchase order

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